Local Marketing and Business Incubator Welcomes 2 Nonprofits and Finds success in Strategic Alliance and Collaboration


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Local Marketing and Business Incubator Welcomes 2 Nonprofits and Finds success in Strategic Alliance and Collaboration

February 7, 2013 Delray Beach, FL

GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute welcomes two new non-profit organizations to their client list and as formidable strategic alliance partners; Ashley Place Community Development Corp and ARTFusion Delray Inc.

“We understand the business of running a non-profit and, feel goods and warm fuzzies aside, have no doubt, it is a business,” states President and CEO, Annette Gray. We have been very successful in attaining funding for our partnering non-profits of up to $100, 000.” 

GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute recipe for success in these economic challenging times allows smaller nonprofits to finally compete and attain funding usually limited to the big machine nonprofit organizations. “That that is a great reputation to have,“ Grey adds, “ We know that the center is unique in its strategy, but nonetheless making a difference in the quality of life for so many. We hope that with their missions and our strategic alliances, their impact will be greater and for the benefit of the community.”

ARTFusion and Ashley Place Development join a growing list of GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute non-profit clients that includes The Milagro Center and The Urban League of Palm Beach County, to name a few. The for- profit business incubator and marketing center works with corporate and non-profits to create strategic alliances that create a wider community impact. That impact is sought after by donors and grantors . “We like working with nonprofits that are natural fit in our community and also are not held back by overly bureaucratic boards. The nonprofit environment is changing, has been changing. Nubile and forward thinking nonprofits are the ones that will survive,” States Annette gray, President and CEO.

ARTfusion is a nonprofit based in Delaware that addresses social issues by offering a creative learning environment for audiences using innovative, improvisational theatrical style of edutainment to spark discussion about social issues at the forefront of our society. “Having seen Delray’s commitment to the arts, it was a natural fit. GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute serves as an anchor for us, help us with our marketing, outreach and assisting in collaborating with other non-profits, community and cultural art centers,” states Kamysha Martin, Executive Director.  

Ashley Place Development Center supports the community through program, projects, services, seminars, and lectures for the socioeconomic development for the inter-generational sector of urban areas. Rose Wong, Executive Director knew she needed an answer to the question of qualifying for grants. “The center helped me understand that the idea of collaboration was more appealing to the grantors; we make a bigger impact together. The non-profits wins and so does the community. “