Boynton Beach Women’s Club is Corporate Headquarters For 2013 Kid Entrepreneur Summer Camp

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Boynton Beach Women’s Club is Corporate Headquarters For 2013 Kid Entrepreneur Summer Camp

March 25th, Delray Beach

Future Mayors, Doctors, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Pilots, TV Reporters, Judges and Business Owners this summer are reporting to headquarters, located at Boynton Beach’s Women Center for nine weeks of fun indoor role-playing summer camp. Children ages 9-14 can participate in different careers and other lifelike activities that are being hosted by Ashley Place Development Community Center, with programing ran by GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute. The Kid-Preneur Summer camp program includes intensive action and excitement-packed sessions, where campers create their own small town and act out professional job duties and where Monday morning elections determine the roles of each child for that week. Candy, with Culinary Solutions Catering, the management company for Celebrations at the Women’s Club is excited to have the opportunity to host and support these local young entrepreneurs. “It’s a great venue, so many reasons, but the opportunity be a part of child’s summer, support a nonprofit that creates and share this kind of great programing is icing on the cake.

In a fast-paced, dynamic environment, the kids will develop leadership and interpersonal skills while dealing with flooding, earthquakes, and other acts of nature, resident problems, budget crises, send their children to college, open bank accounts, resolve credit issues and many other unexpected problems and situations. Annette Gray, at GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute, the non-profit incubator for Ashley Place Community Development states

At Kid-Preneur Camp, we believe in the benefits of encouraging experiential learning that engages the whole child. Our campers learn by exploring, experiencing and addressing real-life situations. They learn to think, explore, and act. We include money games designed to teach financial lessons, guest speakers and field trips that show them a real city at work.
— Annette Gray - GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute

It’s summer fun, at a great historic and central location. The campers to not only build their cities but get to know their city, so some of the field trip days, scheduled on Wednesdays and Fridays, are educational, and gives them behind scenes workings at banks, city hall, etc. and some are, rightfully so, just for fun. Kid-Preneur Camp 2013 will be held at Boynton Beach Women’s Club 1010 S Federal Hwy, Boynton and the $150.00 per week, also includes lunch catered by Culinary Solutions Catering. There are early bird and multiple camper discounts. Both lunch & snacks included and the camp runs through the entire length of what is, for many parents, a very long summer; June 10th-August 16th, 2013 Time: 8:00am-5:30pm.

We wanted to provide a wholesome, fun and creative summer camp alternative. With a central location, excellent catered lunches and snacks, and an award winning program that truly helps create community and civic minded youth, we are so please to help parents and have a great summer.
— Rose Wong - Executive Director of Ashley Place Community Development Center

For more information and to register for the camp contact or call 561-894-4500.