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GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute, a nonprofit 501 c (3) organization that has offered over the past ten years business and entrepreneurial programing from a traditional bricks and mortar office. The GBDCEI is looking to establish a a Mobile Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training Program (M.E.L.T.) that will expand the reach of the organization and it's strategic alliance partners in Florida. 

Mobile Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training Program (M.E.L.T.) is for current and future entrepreneurs in Florida.

This GBDCEI program provides training, mentoring and business resources to individuals while addressing the state’s need for qualified and skilled talent.

M.E.L.T. is a program that rapidly places, educates and trains individuals who are looking to start or grow a business and is aimed at reducing the high school dropout rate, reduce unemployment and improve the socio-economic conditions of the communities in which participants reside. The entrepreneurship training programs is combined with leadership training real world life skills and community resources through strategic alliance partnerships.


M.E.L.T. Bus Events


The day is finally here.  After years of hard work and obstacles  we are ready to get on the road.   Come and celebrate with us. Please click on thee link below to rsvp. 

This is a family friendly event so please feel free to invite your family and friends.



Design & Training Plans


M.E.L.T. Mobil Unit

There are many deserving organizations that serve the Florida community well. However, there is a segment of the population who are unable to take advantage of the many resources in their community because of lack of transportation, affordable childcare, a support system and financial constraints. The programing provided via the M.E.L.T. Mobil unit is convenient and the majority of the programs are free to the participants. The programs are aimed at reducing the high school dropout rate, reducing unemployment and improving the socio-economic conditions for single parents, youth and small businesses in South Florida communities. 


Project Budget

Bus Acquisition

Design & Build-out

Fixtures & Equipment

First Six months of Programing

Administrative Cost:
Part-time start up salaries

Total: $150,001.00


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Preview Our M.E.L.T. Bus Progress

Our great GBDCEI Community is busy assisting in the progress of the design and crating the training programs for the Mobile Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training Bus.

Let's empower our community with life skills, leadership and entrepreneurial education.