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A Business Incubator
Developing the Entrepreneurial Spirit.

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GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute is a 501c 3 organization that provides technical assistance, business training & workshops, staff training, development incubation services and youth empowerment programs. Our services focus on incubator businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits and public sectors. 

About Us

GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute


Our Mission is the development of social entrepreneurs through training, business coaching and technical assistance. Emphasis is placed on young entrepreneurs; to aid in the reduction of school dropout rates and the increase in employability skills and job creation.


GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute, a nonprofit corporation is looking to establish a Mobil Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training Program (M.E.L.T.) for current and future entrepreneurs in Florida; to address the state’s need for qualified and skilled talent. M.E.L.T. is a program that rapidly places, educates and trains individuals; looking to starting or grow a business and aimed at reducing the high school dropout rate, reduce unemployment and improve the socio-economic conditions of the communities in which participants reside.


We are always looking for new volunteers! Contact us if you have the desire to become a new volunteer or just need more information.


GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute
Our History


GBDCEI was formally structured as a 501c3 in August of 2014 and the work began many years prior. For more than a decade the GBDC team has been delivering technical assistance directly to entrepreneurs and as consultants to organizations such as The SBA Resource Provider, Florida Women’s Business Center, The Urban League, The United Way, The Center for Opportunity, The City of Boynton Beach and many others. We have worked individually and as part of several strategic alliances with organizations such as The Boynton Beach CDC, The Milagro Center and POPS Fort Lauderdale and Belle Glade.

Youth Community outreach programs have made a great impact on the youth and young adults of South Florida. The Kid-Preneur Leadership Academy, The Business Side of Art (Youth Version), The Summer Youth Entrepreneurship Training & Business Plan Competition have served many teens and young adults statewide.


Developing Social Entrepreneurs
of Tomorrow 


Youth Entrepreneurship Programs 

GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute is a 501c 3 organization specializing in services for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Non Profits and the Public Sectors. We provide support for organizations at every stage of the business cycle: from idea feasibility through start-up, growth and expansion.


Veteran Small Business &  Employment Readiness


The GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute has worked to develop, guide and support organizations, small businesses and entrepreneurs. During that time, we have discovered that the mentality and approach towards entrepreneurship is flawed. The majority of the individuals encountered and the main stream media views the skills of the successful entrepreneur to be innate and a “magic” that one is born with. 

The GBDCEI strongly disagrees with this thought process. The skills that are required to be a successful entrepreneur can be learned through a series of programs; one on one coaching, technical assistance and with incubation, we assist clients in creating a competitive advantage.

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