Are you struggling to find the funding you need for your business? 

GBDCEI offers funding packaging and preparation services. First we get you prepared and then we match you with best possible source for obtaining financing!

Business financing can take the form of grants and loans, inventory factoring, crowd funding and equity investment. GBDCEI provides technical assistance to increase your chances to get the right financing for your business. Some projects may require a combination of your community’s financial resources, state and Federal grant programs, and non-governmental funding assistance. We work with financing partners, local government organizations, SBA lenders, nonprofit lenders and investors to make sure you meet their lending criteria.

GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute is NOT a lender. We do not charge an origination fee or points. This is a consultation service. Fees vary for the products we develop on your behalf and you are able to select from our hourly consultation packages.



  • Business Plan Development
  • Pitch deck Development
  • Business & Personal Credit Review
  • Assessment of Collateral
  • Match Making
  • Development of Personal Financial Statement
  • Dunn & Bradstreet Business Credit Profile

Non-traditional Funding Sources

  • Equipment Financing
  • Crowd funding
  • Peer-To-Peer loans
  • Economic Development Grants

The Most Common Types of Business Loans

Term loans

A term loan is a lump sum loan that you’ll pay back, plus interest, over a set term. You can score low-cost, long-term loans from a bank or online lenders.

Short-term loans

Short-term loans are like regular term loans, but you’ll pay them back over shorter terms. Alternative lenders offer a smaller amount of financing with short-term loans with 3- to 18-month terms.

SBA loans

SBA loans are low-cost, flexible term loans that are secured by the Small Business Administration. Both traditional banks and online lenders offer SBA loans.

Merchant cash advances

Merchant capital companies advance you fast cash that you’ll pay back with a portion of your business’s daily credit and debit card sales. Merchant cash advances can be a good option if you have poor credit, but they tend to be the most expensive financing option on the market.

Business line of credit

Both traditional banks and online lenders offer revolving lines of credit that you can tap into whenever you want or need to for your business.

Equipment financing

Use an equipment loan to finance up to 100% of the cost of your business’s new or used equipment and machinery. The best part? The equipment itself acts as collateral.

Invoice financing

Invoice financing companies offer fast cash based on your business’s outstanding invoices. You’ll be advanced usually 85% of your outstanding invoice, and charged a factor fee each week the invoice goes unpaid.

Business credit cards

While not technically a small business loan, you can use a business credit card to finance a business. You’ll separate your business and personal finances, build business credit, and earn valuable rewards and cash back on your purchases.

Business Financing Questioner Form

Download and complete the PDF free business questioner document. Fax: 1-561-894-4501 or email it directly to us.