Mobile Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training Program (M.E.L.T.)

GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute, a nonprofit corporation is looking to establish a Mobile Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training Program (M.E.L.T.) for current and future entrepreneurs in Florida; to address the state’s need for qualified and skilled talent. M.E.L.T. is a program that rapidly places, educates and trains individuals who are looking to start or grow a business and is aimed at reducing the high school dropout rate, reduce unemployment and improve the socio-economic conditions of the communities in which participants reside.


GBDC Entrepreneurship

Mobile Entrepreneurship
Leadership Training


The M.E.L.T. Bus

What will be required to have the bus fully


1 Driver
1 Teacher
1 Breakout Room
3 Beds

Storage Spaces 


Storage spaces will be designed within the M.E.L.T. for educational supplies and class material.

2 Class Rooms
20 Computers
1 Bathroom
1 One-On-One Coaching Area

Outside Kids Area 

Outside kids area will be available to entertain kids while single moms are getting business training.